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BRIAN WONDERS is a children's picture book created for little storytellers with big imaginations.  The book has no words in it, empowering kids dream up their own stories.  As you turn the pages of this richly illustrated narrative, what will your story be?

Each copy comes inside its own custom made slipcase shell.  Printed and hand-crafted in the U.S., we believe in one-of-a-kind products in a world of homogenized mass production. 

Brian Wonders will go on a trip.  Your child will go on one too.  

Be prepared for bursts of creativity, questions and spontaneous doodling from the little ones.  

*email us for prints available

A wordless picture book.

Brian Wonders is an illustrated picture book by Los Angeles artist Victor Robert.  The book is wordless, inviting kids to imagine and tell their own stories.  What will your kid's story be?

Limited edition of 250 copies, selling now here.  




We are launching a KICKSTARTER campaign to print our books at a high level of quality in the US, and we would love your support when we launch in a couple of weeks.  During the campaign we will be offering cool Brian Wonders gifts.  Sign up below and let us give you an early heads up before we launch.  

Our gifts will include:  

  • $5 - a ream of 25 Brian Wonders stickers  
  • $20 - a Brian Wonders FaceTime poster
  • $100 - a signed copy of the Brian Wonders Picture Book, plus all of the above
  • $250 - a signed limited edition print (30" x 15"), plus all of the above  
  • $2500 - a mounted original artwork from the book (40" x 20"), plus the book 

You can Pre-order the Book now at an early-backer price of $80.  To pre-oder click our PayPal link here.  

  • $5000 - take the plunge.  exclusive Angel access to our next phase of Brian Wonders


$5000 - for this amount, we would love to thank you in person.  our gift includes a mounted piece oforiginal art (40" x 20"), the picture book, and a trip to meet the artist in Los Angeles.

Where other kids see a pool, Brian Wonders sees an ocean.  Through his eyes, a diving board transforms into a pirate ship's plank.  Through his imagination, a thrilling chase ensues, a daring adventure unfolds, into the deep he must go.

Meet Brian Wonders, with spectacular hair, who travels to the deep end of the pool and dives fathoms under.  Our fully illustrated picture book has no words, so it is up to you to tell the adventure, fill in the blanks and explain an impossible sequence of events that will test your imagination.  Dive in; an ocean awaits. 

Ever wonder what your kid is thinking when he's staring off into space?  Where does the little brain go when confronted with fear, love, and dange

r?  Or pirates?  Who is the woman in white, with the white hair, the white hat, 'neath the white umbrella, and who are the voluptuous ladies bouncing in the waves?  What sound comes out of a propellared sea monster, erupting from the depths, and where does it go when it dives back under?  Where in the world is this story going, and how does this story all end?  

Our fully illustrated picture book poses the questions.  Only your kid has the answers.  

Meet Brian Wonders, with magnificent hair, who travels into a fantastical world and back and will take you and your kid with him.  Our picture book has no words, so it is up to you and your kid to fill in the blanks, put names to the characters, and explain the sequence of events that cannot be explained rationally, except through imagination.

The pool is the setting for the first of Brian's adventures.  We hope the adventure rattles the little one's sense of reality and ignites the imagination behind their eyes.  Dive in.  Let your imagination run wild too.  

Pre-order the book:  
signed, limited edition of 250.  48pgs.  hardcover, 12"x12"  (hyperlink)  

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We are starting a KICKSTARTER campaign to produce this book locally at a high level of quality, and we will need your support when we launch in a couple of weeks.  Support us if you like what you see.  Support us as a way of rooting for independent books.


Where does your mind go when confronted with fear, love, and danger?  And pirates?  Who is the mysterious woman in white, with the white hair, beneath the white hat, pointing to where?  What to make of the towering waves the voluptuous ladies leave in their wake?  What sound comes out of a propellared sea monster, erupting from the depths, and where does it go when it dives back under?  Where in the world is Brian going?  How does it all end?  Our fully illustrated picture book poses the questions.  Only your kid has the answers.

Amir copy:

Brian Wonders sees no limits.  A swimming pool becomes an ocean of adventure - a diving board an invitation to fly.  That's why our story has no words.  There are no limits to a child's imagination and the wonder within them.  What words could capture that kind of brilliance?  With imagination as a compass it's up to every child and adult to fill in the story.  And in any language of course - from English to Spanish to Japanese to Persian!

Our book is almost here.  Our Limited Edition of 250 copies will be printed on archival papers and will utilize innovative printing techniques that bring forth the vibrant colors of the more than 20 over-sized, hand-painted illustrations by award-winning artist, Victor Robert.

This First Edition of Brian Wonders, exclusively available on-line and at the Book Launch, will be signed by the author and illustrator, Victor Robert.  The book will be hard cover, case-bound and printed in full color.  At an oversized dimension of 12" x 12" with 48 pages and one extra large double-gate fold-out, our Limited Edition of Brian Wonders will make the perfect addition to any collector of art and fine books.

Follow along in our adventure of making and printing the book here on the 'Making of a Picture Book' blog.  And don't forget that you can download illustrations from the book to use as Wallpapers on your smart phone and mobile tablet devices, free for a limited time.

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