Brian Wonders:  The Making of a Children's Book

The Making of a Picture Book: journal entry 23



Update!  The book illustrations are done and the 250 book are in the process of PRINTING!


Now, it's finally time for the final touches -- first on the list is the dust jacket.  Below I've posted a time-lapse to show the evolution of the drawing and the overall process of getting it to its final shape. 



Above is a finished test comp printed on my inkjet.  The comp gets wrapped around a book so I can start to get a sense of what the final book will look like.  This step is very helpful to see how the size relationships are working between graphics and the illustration, and it helps me get a feel for the overall impact of the cover.  I printed out a total of about 5 versions before settling on the final.   

Click to play a TIME-LAPSE below:


Above are the dimensions that were sent to the printer.  The dotted lines show where the jacket flaps will fold.  This was my first version of the dust jacket, and after sitting with it for a while I decided to add characters around Brian because he was looking a little lonely on the cover.


Here is our final color proof roll that just arrived from the printer!  Colors look good, size checks out -- approved!  Now, onto the slipcover.... 


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by Victor Robert