Brian Wonders:  The Making of a Children's Book

The Making of a Picture Book: journal entry 11


blog_brianwonders_progress13 copy.jpg

Here's a look at the big board!  Our book has 48 pages, and this is how I keep track of the progress on each page.  The spreads get printed out and posted up so I can stand back and get a look at the big picture at once.  It's incredibly helpful.  This is also helps me get a sense for the pacing of the images and how they flow from one page to another.  


Green tags mean the page is done; pink tags mean there's still some work to do.  Yes, there's a lot of pink tags, but for the most part the pages just need a final pass of bubbles or a quick overall freshener, which I'll do in the computer. 


The big board also helps in instances where I've made a change to the story that has had a rippling effect.  For example, after adding the bear to the story (Journal Entry 10), I needed to keep track of where he should reappear, meaning, popping him into pages that were already finished... 


Here's another spread that is pretty close to being done (bottom right), but to which I'm going back and adding a shark.  In an early version of the book I had a whole page dedicated to a swarming school of these hundred-eyed sharks, but that idea ended up on the cutting room floor.  Then I thought, I'll just add the sharks to another page!