Brian Wonders:  The Making of a Children's Book

BRIAN WONDERS Mini Sticker Edition


Super excited to announce the

2nd printing of the Brian Wonders Storybook! 

This new edition will be a super compact version of the original storybook and will include a 4-page set of colorful new illustrated stickers.  I’ve been working on these for a while now and am excited to start sharing some of the work that went into this new batch and to finally start rolling these little guys out!  Pre-selling here.  These were supposed to release over the holidays, but I think it has been worth pushing their release… I can be a little obsessive about details and it took me a while to get those just right.


Q&A with Victor Robert the Illustrator Creator


This is the dust jacket proof, which will be French-folded onto the hardcover.

This is the dust jacket proof, which will be French-folded onto the hardcover.

Q:  Victor, you already released a Brian Wonders Storybook, why are you releasing a second batch and doing it all over again?

VR:  Good question.  I couldn't help it.  With the First Edition Brian Wonders I printed a micro batch of 250 copies -- each storybook came individually signed, numbered with a custom-made slipcover, and for a bunch of reasons they went out to a very limited audience of family, friends, and collectors.  But I love these books so much that I really want to see them in more people's hands.  So I decided to run a 2nd printing, this time printing 1000 copies.  As an independent artist, I had to change a couple of things in order to make this 2nd run feasible.  This 2nd run of storybooks have been repackaged and streamlined and I hope they do reach a wider audience.

Actual sticker

Actual sticker

Q:  Aside from the number of copies, did anything change from the First Edition to this Mini Sticker Edition? 

VR:  Yes -- as the name implies, this Mini Edition batch is super compact and smaller in size -- the original storybooks are 12" square, and these new ones are 7" square.  I also went through and made a few adjustments to the illustrations... couldn't help it... though most illustrations remained unchanged.  This new batch will also include a set of super cool stickers!


Brainstorming sticker ideas...

Brainstorming sticker ideas...


Q:  Oooh!  I love stickers.  Tell me about them.

VR:  These stickers are special -- they are spot illustrations that I designed to work into the pages the storybook… they are a little bit magical because once they are dropped into the illustrations, their edges magically disappear and they become part of the illustrated spreads.  I loved stickers as a kid and thought these would be a cool way of making the storybook interactive.  Each storybook includes 4 sheets of stickers, totaling over 50 stickers; they are non-permanent and can be reused.


Q:  Did you add words to this new edition?  Or is the storybook still a book without words like the original?

VR:  I love the idea of a storybook without words where kids can imagine, tell, or write their own stories, so I kept this edition without words as well.  Maybe in the future, I will release an edition that includes words here and there.



Q:  Are you having a launch party for this?  

VR:  Yes, but that’s in the works.  Probably a summer time thing.  At the moment the storybooks are pre-selling online here.  I’m about a month out from starting to ship.  

1 of many many color proofs working with my brilliant printer in MN.  

1 of many many color proofs working with my brilliant printer in MN.  

by Victor Robert