Brian Wonders:  The Making of a Children's Book

The Making of Luna... continued


This package arrived from my manufacturer a week or so ago -- Luna curled up like a cinnamon roll.  After months of tweaking her proportions and design, we have finalized her shape and I am ready to move on to the 2nd stage -- adding the polka dots and eyes.  


I'm using vinyl sticker sheets in multiple colors and cutting these into circles and shapes.  The plan is I'm going to stick these dots directly onto the sample, and then ship her back to the manufacturer where they'll scan/digitize the dots.  Once digitized, the file will be used to create the limited edition run. 


Here's me cutting shapes out of paper for the eyes... I played around with her eye placement for a couple of days finally settling on a long stretched out shape that covers a good deal of her head and makes her look like she is reaching speeds of 400 mph.


Finalized eye shape.  You can see I've begun placing circular shapes onto her body for dot reference.


Here's the end result!  Now onto the donut part of her body... More updates soon!  Please feel free to support my cause and purchase my newly released sticker books!  Perfect gifts for nieces and nephews.  Free shipping use code BASHEXPRESS at checkout!

by Victor Robert